Support the Edison Elementary PTA

Will you help us reach our goal?


Every fall, the Edison Elementary PTA kicks off a fundraising program with a goal of raising money to help cover some of our core PTA programs, including:

Some years we've done catalog sales. Other years we've tried coupon book sales. But traditional fundraising programs, at best, bring 50% of sales back to the school. For catalog sales, it's actually around 40%.

To put that in perspective, if you bought a $25 item from a catalog fundraiser, only $10 would end up helping your school.

We know you want to support Edison, so this year instead of a catalog fundraiser or selling coupon books, we're asking for direct donations where 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly to support our students and teachers.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 during the month of October. If we can reach our goal, we will not to do any other fundraising for the rest of the school year!

We understand that not everyone can afford to make a donation, and that's okay. If you have a little extra, please consider donating a bit more to help cover other students.